Our Priorities


The priorities of our ICS are clear. We are committed to:

  • • Addressing health inequalities to ensure everyone in our area is able to live a long and healthy life. We can do this by bringing health and care closer to home and supporting people to stay healthy and remain independent for longer.
  • • Creating opportunities to access support. This means information, support and treatments should be easy to access when people need them, in person or online.
  • • Shaping services by giving local people the chance to shape health and wellbeing services to meet their needs now, and in the future.
  • • Delivering world-class services by harnessing our cutting-edge research.

Supporting these priorities, we have a strong, integrated structure in place which recognises the important of neighbourhood level as a basic unit of local integration, the role of place to recognise the differences between the north and south of our area, and finally our Integrated Care Board that will oversee the entire system.

We are all committed to taking responsibility for the effective coordination of health and care planning and services in a way that improves population health and reduces inequalities between different groups.

We have a strong track record of working together as one team, established governance arrangements in place and are already undertaking a range of work together including how we understand and improve the health of our population, and how we support our staff and develop their skills.

Our Long-Term plan describes how we will organise and manage health and care services in an integrated way in the future and how we will continue to work in partnership not only between our organisations, but also with our population, to better meet their needs. What we need now is the right team of people to progress this work further and make a tangible different to the lives of almost a million people.